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This is my COde for fetching data from database but showing above error please look into it.

newsObj = new XXEMR_NewsRelease();
    java.util.ArrayList> newsList = new java.util.ArrayList>();
    java.util.ArrayList miniNewsList = new java.util.ArrayList();

    String newsID         = new String();
    String headLine      = new String();
    String news_date     = new String();
    String altLink         = new String();
    String target         = new String();

    newsList = newsObj.getHeadlines("NEWSPAGE");

    for (int k = 0; k < newsList.size(); k++) {
        miniNewsList = newsList.get(k);
        newsPageURL = DisplayManager.getTemplate("XXEMR_NEWS_RELEASES").getFileName();
        newsID = miniNewsList.get(0);
        headLine = miniNewsList.get(1);
        news_date = miniNewsList.get(2);
        altLink = miniNewsList.get(3);
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