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im trying to create an array of float numbers to implement a ranking algorithm

and then find the element  that holds the min value .

Here's the code:

float[] rTOT1;
rTOT1 = new float[j];
for ( j = 0; j < rTOT1.length; j++) {
float minValue = rTOT1[0];
rTOT1[j] = (alfaTOT * rSRC + betaTOT * rSRC) / depthSrc;
if (rTOT1[j] < minValue) {
minValue = rTOT1[j];

here's the output for System.out.println(" >>>rTOT1 " + rTOT1):

>>>rTOT1 [F@19a029e
>>>rTOT1 [F@1ia028h
>>>rTOT1 [F@67a029k

and it should normally give:

>>>rTOT1 0.2345

i would appreciate any kind of help!(noob alert!)

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